This “cold” thing you speak of…

I keep hearing from people “It’s going to be cold!”

The weather in Dehradun (2210 ft/650m above sea level):

Now… Mussoorie is about 2000m/6600ft above sea level, so I take into account snow – but Dehradun is looking at 50s-60s (Fahrenheit) through the winter. That’s… balmy. Mussoorie had REALLY best get cold – 32F and lower – for it to be “cold”. I’m apprehensive about packing cold-weather gear because of this…variance in the perception of cold. I’ve lived in St Paul, MN – which had -40F/C with windchill, and a fair chunk of negatives in the winter in general. I’ll certainly pack my scarves and toques, but I’m apprehensive about the sheepskin lined boots. We’ll see if they’re necessary; I didn’t use them at all in Toronto this past winter, even going up to the cottage in Miners’ Bay.

Adam, meanwhile, will likely go “Jacket? I need to wear a jacket?”. Men and their existence as heating units… Sigh.


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