Vocabulary from the Media…

I’ve started reading some of the online editions of local newspapers for our move to India. There are some English-language newspapers published online (The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, and the Garhwal Post) and I’ve been getting their RSS feeds sent to my Google RSS reader. A handful of words, obviously Hindi words simply transliterated, keep coming up – even in the English language edition of the paper. I wasn’t sure I could quite get them in context, so I did a little dictionary searching…

बांध (bandh): strike

खाप पंचायत  (khap panchaya)t: geographical local village “elder council”

गोत्र (gotra): clan

The current major issues in India seem to be a bunch of strikes, often ‘sponsored’ by a particular political party, and discussions about “(dis)honour kilings” and whether or not gotra is relevant to the decision to commit one, and whether the khap panchaya are supporting them or not. Here’s an article from the Times of India where you can read about the gotra/khap issue, and  here’s one from The Hindu about the bandhs. There are a lot of other things going on, but the great majority of articles I see seem to involve these two subjects.

Of course, there are breaks for what Bollywood (or cricket) star is seeing whom, but they don’t have many transliterated Hindi words.


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