Hurry up and wait

We’re in a bit of a panic now… still waiting on some paperwork from India for Adam before he can apply for his visa, and he needs his done before I can apply for mine. We’re at <  20 days now before scheduled departure date, and I genuinely can’t afford to go to Canada and possibly lose valuable days I _could_ be getting the visa processed–and I also can’t just hop on a train into NYC from Canada like I could from CT. This is where my desire to have my ducks all in a row is foiled, and I start going absolutely bonkers.

In other news, my Hindi is sloooooooooooooowly coming along. I can construct such gems as या कया लाल कमल है? (“is that a/the red lotus?” … I think.) It keeps my mind off of the stress of waiting for the immigration updates, which I desperately need right now.

Tip: Plan your trip further in advance than 6 weeks so you can avoid this type of situation. 😉

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