Dreaming in Hindi (Book Review)

Today while waiting for my passport card to be processed, I finished reading Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich. This is a great book — but it is not for everyone. If you’re looking for fluffy summer reading and think that a title like “Dreaming in Hindi” is a beach-book about travel, love, and fluffy bunnies, you’ll be disappointed. Rich takes a unique twist on the travelogue/memoir by combining it with an exploration of adult second language learning, looking at learning a second language — and the people you learn that second language with.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, empathizing in my own way with certain circumstances, and taking her unabashed honesty about conflicts (within herself, between her colleagues and classmates, and within various parts of the Indian population), biases, and experiences, both positive and negative. This book gave me ideas – places to go, things to consider doing, and gave me some insight into ways to look at the experience, and what to _do_ with it.

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