Showers, Visas, and Cards…

Yesterday was the wine shower, which was good fun (and nice to finally MEET people I had only heard about!) and I mentioned Adam and I doing this blog (well, me more than him, but… anyway), so I suppose I’d definitely best make sure there’s content before people start getting ahold of the URL to read the previous entries…

Today we got up and Adam got the last thing he needs to file for the employment visa. He’s going to the Consulate General first, then if he has to, the visa-processing place… or we might end up driving to Ottawa to file at the High Consulate there. It’s get it done within the week in Canada, or have to do it from the US and not leave til 10 August. As stressy as it might be… I’d rather we fly out the 31st just to be DONE.

Now – I’m back to writing thank-you cards!

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