Retitle needed, perhaps?

At this rate, this should become “Adventures in India: if we ever make it there.”

There appears to be some diplomatic tit-for-tat going on right now between Canada and India, meaning that Adam’s getting a run-around for what paperwork he needs, where he needs to go, what he needs to do, etc. We’re in a holding pattern until another Ministry of the Indian government writes a letter with some info, and that may or may not be all that’s needed to then get the visa processed.. and hopefully he’ll get it, as someone told a family member that they’re not approving a lot of Canadians’ employment visas.

What’s happened so far is this:

  • get all the paperwork we need in order, including a letter from the Ministry of Human Resources that says they have no objection to Adam’s filing for a visa, pending approval of MoForeign Affairs and MoHome Affairs.
  • Adam goes to the consulate, who then tell him to go to the visa processing office. They then say “You can’t apply – you need two letters from Ministry of Home & Foreign affairs, as per this one from the Ministry of HR.”
  • We then have weddings to go to (namely, ours) and things to participate in (like driving across borders), so we confirm with the US visa processing place that Adam can file from the US, though he’s a Canadian citizen, etc.
  • Weddings happen, driving happens, we go to NYC to the visa processing place… and they say “Well, for an employment visa, he has to have been a resident in the US for at least two years for the New York office to process it.” Driving around isnt an option for us (to DC or further), so we confirm with Adam’s parents that they can file for his visa on his behalf – and so we overnight everything to Canada.
  • The visa office says “no, we won’t take this stuff — he has to have an interview at the consulate.”

… So, at this point, we’ve received one additional document for Adam – the letter from Home Affairs – saying “He doesn’t need anything more, just process the blasted thing”. Hopefully we’ll get that squared away soon, sending him back to Canada, and we’ll get to India before the end of September. It may take 15-20 days for his work visa to be processed, which equates to 3-4 weeks. Then mine (which hopefully will be a 1-day turn around), and then we can finally leave.

So… we wait.

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