While we wait for things to process with Adam’s paperwork, I’ve been stumbling along with my Elementary Hindi textbook & workbook. I slacked… HARD… during July and most of August, but last week I dedicated to Lesson 1. This week is Lesson 2. Working through the alphabet breakdown, and then the activities, supplemented by my Anki flashcards. So, for this week..

  • Sunday: Alphabet
  • Monday: Workbook activity 1.1; conjunct consonants & nasalization
  • Tuesday: Grammar – Postpositions, Pronouns; workbook activity 2.2 & 2.3
  • Wednesday: Review
  • Thursday: Workbook activity 2.4, 2.5
  • Friday: Add in vocabulary that’s not in the textbook
  • Saturday: Review all the audio stuff again

I go through the Anki every day, which is nice because it’s a spaced repetition and so I see stuff over and over again, the things that I need to work on more often than the things I don’t. Still – I need people I can speak with, and we’ll see where I can find those. Every time someone says “Oh! I know someone who speaks Hindi!” it turns out they don’t – they speak Kannada, or Telugu, or Tamil. Everyone I seem to encounter is under the misperception that India = Hindi, which it doesn’t… so they want to pair me up to talk with their friend from Kerala, who speaks Malayalam, and not a word of Hindi.


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