Packing… Again…

My passport was confirmed as received on Thursday, by the visa outsourcing company. Hopefully I’ll get it back late next week or early the week after. Adam and I are hoping to get out on or around the 19th, if all goes well. So, in the mean time: we’ve been packing like fiends. Hopefully I’ll be picking him up on Monday (his father will be driving him down partway, and I’ll meet them and pick him up, then back to CT), and we’ll be able to repack/consolidate our luggage, and perhaps even get a couple boxes of various things (like tshirts, socks, other sundries and paraphernalia) out, before we do.

Weather so far is definitely warmer in India than here; Mussoorie is having daily highs in the mid-low 70s (F), and the overnight is around 59(F); Connecticut has been having overnights below freezing of late. It hasn’t stopped me planning for cold mountain weather, though: knitting clogs/slippers, making sure I have my thermal shirts and pants, etc. Layers are my friend, both here, and will be in India. I’ve also just finished two sets of handwarmers (one of them finally using the Christmas gift yarn from Randy and Gail, of last year!) which I am utterly in love with… and those will be packed away carefully!

Adam’s packing now, and I’ve packed one bag; the second I’m looking to pack is my carry-on, because at least half of it are things I should be able to put together now, including a knitting project or two – most likely socks or a shawl, since those can work up slowly or quickly, and generally use enough repeats that I can work them all trip (airplane flight + car trip to Woodstock; likely about 24 hours worth of travel, if not more). Have to weigh bags, determining what we can fit, what we want to take, and how to distribute the weight so we have excess baggage — and not overweight baggage!

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