2 days from now…

Adam and I will be in the panicked last stages of “Is it packed? Where’s my X? Are you sure the Y is in THAT bag, despite the fact that the list of contents for that bag says so?”. Admittedly, I’m more the one to panic, but I hope it will mostly be settled to our satisfaction by tonight or tomorrow mid-day, and we’ll be able to breathe. Most of what remains to be packed is daily use items (hairbrush, toothbrush, etc) and there’s one last round of laundry going, and then it’s all in bags.

My mother has decided that she may not be able to drive us to Newark, given that we would be dropped off in the dark, and she would have to drive home in it. She and I both have the same questionable blessing of excellent night vision — and we’re both about 5’2. When driving down the road in the dark, everyone’s lights are in our eyes, only made worse when it’s high beams, and it becomes an exercise in misery. My stepfather is currently in Maryland; one of the houses there was broken into and some things stolen, so coming up on Sunday (tomorrow) and then doing an airport-run simply isn’t feasible there. We’re now evaluating rental car options. Kinda sucks, but all of my friends that I would ask to do this are not generally in the New Milford area, or do not have cars if they are, so… it’s not fun, but will get worked through.

In addition, Adam and I are expressing our sheer levels of insanity in participating in National Novel Writing Month (http://www.nanowrimo.org), where individuals commit to writing 50,000 word novels in the month of November. They don’t need to be GOOD novels — but the goal is to commit and work on the task, showing it can be done, and to make the task seem less daunting for those who truly want to write. I have been lucky, and may make my 50k today or tomorrow. Adam… is slightly less far ahead. The plane flight, 14.5 hours or so, might fix that. We may have a “write in” today, and there is one tomorrow — where all of us insane folk gather together for coffee, conversation, and pounding out wordcount — and they have truly kept my sanity for the month; I know I’d’ve had panic attacks if it wasn’t for this bunch. Next year, I already have a few ideas for something; I’m under no illusions about getting things published, but it’s the writing and experience that’s the fun.

Now, back to deciding what last-minute things to pack!

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