Shopping Results

It was a good day… We ordered 2 new pillows, got fabric for 2 winter salwar kameez and for a sari (since formal occasions at Woodstock equate to sari-wear), and fabric for a ‘regular’ weight SK, and got a load of groceries (one of the grocery stores has almost everything, from shampoo and soap to fruit and veg, eggs, Nutella and PB, 13 different kinds of jam, PASTA, canned salmon…). The coolie brought it all up, and all the eggs arrived intact — as did Adam’s two bags of pasta and pasta sauce, the rosemary, salt & pepper, the chicken breasts, bacon(!), and the other sundries. Sabrina showed us around to the electronics stores, the various other places, and we may go down into Dehra Dun with her next week and pick up more things/see more places. There are some yarn stores (YAAAAY!) and I can pick up sari pins and the drawstrings for the salwar, and some bangles, and we can eye the rest of the things we’d like to buy once/if we change residences (the cookware, towels, etc).

And now… off to… do dishes?!

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