Settling In

We’ve been at Woodstock for almost a week now. The first few days were spent primarily meeting new people. Most conversations involved at least one sentence along the lines of “You’re the Wunkers! We’ve been waiting for you!” Apparently being about four months late for work is enough to make you a minor celebrity.

There will be pictures and video posted imminently (or possibly eventually, depending on how things go with setting up our router, and general configuring of technological resources.

Speaking of, the school has started switching over to Ubuntu for the labs here, so hopefully I will be able to provide some assistance and education to the students and my fellow staff members. The school is also providing me with a laptop (because I really needed another one?), so I will soon be able to make my own Beowulf cluster.

The weather has vacillated between beautiful and sunny, and beautiful and cloudy. On clear days (or nights) we have a view straight down to the valley and the plains below. When the clouds roll in they gradually envelop the hills, one by one, until you cannot see past the turns in the path.

So far the monkeys haven’t caused any serious trouble for us, and hopefully it will stay that way.

One Comment on “Settling In

  1. The monkeys become problematic if you leave stuff outside–food, clothes, etc. Especially food. Sounds good in terms of being able to help out with the computers. Is it cold at night? Are you having fun? Have you tried out any restaurants in Landauer?

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