Shopping Redux

Adam and I went down through the bazaars again; got the hot water bottle, a larger frying pan, some containers for our dry goods, and placed another grocery order. Pillows will be ready tomorrow or Friday (sigh), so either Friday afternoon or Saturday we’ll go in and pick those up, and place an order for a duvet cover.

We did have a couple interesting moments — because we went in midday on a week day, the Woodstock folk weren’t flocking town, so we were essentially the only white people there (I think I saw 3 others). We had someone stop us so they could take a picture of us(!), and as Adam and I walked back up the hill between bazaars, there were a handful of kids on the side of the road. They all sucked in a big breath of “ooooh!” as the we walked up, and then I said ‘namaste’, and they were floored, and said ‘namaste’ back. It was amusing.

Also, the Rice Bowl is full of delicious things. We stopped there for lunch again, and got the honey chili potatoes (basically, shoestring fries with a honey/chili sauce), and Adam says they’re now tied with the Belize frites for his favourite. I need to learn how to make them. 🙂 And the crispy mutton in hot garlic sauce.

One Comment on “Shopping Redux

  1. I don’t know… Belize frites still hold number 1 in my books and I haven’t had them for over 10 years…. I guess I will have to taste them for myself.

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