India is COLD!

I can see my breath outside! I’m wearing sweaters! It’s going to snow!

All of this would be less of a problem if the firewood the school was selling us would burn.

Now anyone who knows me can tell you that I enjoy setting things on fire. I had a bit of a reputation, in some circles, as a pyromaniac. So the fact that even I, bringing to bear all of my inflammatory knowledge, cannot kindle a flame from these logs says something about the quality of the wood.

Hopefully once we have our new apartment – which we are going to look at tomorrow – we will be able to switch to primarily electric heating.

One Comment on “India is COLD!

  1. You not being able to burn wood? Who are you and what have you done with Wunker?

    [joke pedantry]Technically the knowledge itself is not inflammatory, it is knowledge about how to light things on fire. Therefore the word would be something more like inflammatological; though I just made the word up.[/pedantry]

    Glad that you’ve got electrical options.

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