Clothes! Heat! House!

Today was more errands, and success! in a few things. We picked up a small electric heater, since we will certainly need one in the new residence; I think I can conservatively say it is twice the size of our current residence, including having a second bedroom and a large kitchen, a dining/living area also about the size of our current bedroom & living room combined. We have asked the staff member who is leaving to leave a few things there for us, and we have to connect with her to pay for them, but we are getting a small washer & dryer, and a large bookshelf. The washer/dryer means we have to actually do our own laundry (gasp) rather than hire a dhobi, but I think it will save us money in the long run, and be a particularly nice thing to have during the monsoon season.

The new house will not have the same mountaintop eyrie views, but it will be less of a fight for my knee to get up — it’ll just be 10 minutes (same time-length to walk), but slow inclines rather than “hi, please ascend 200 feet vertically in about 40 feet horizontally”. We will be able to have guests over more easily than our current arrangement, and there’s even a small ‘half’ room we can use as a study or office-space for Adam and I. If he gets an adviser group of his own in the future, we’ll also be able to have them over, rather than the difficulty of putting them here in King’s Chambers.

We also picked up my salwar kameez today; the three of them are absolutely gorgeous. We also got the naara (the drawstrings for the salwar) and OH! do they need them… I could house a small circus! I am really happy with them, and I look good in them, so I am most content. The sari will be ready later, which is fine — I don’t really need the thing any time soon!

I am due to chaperon a hike tomorrow, one of 3 females helping out the staff for the Grade 7’s going on a trek. I’m looking forward to it; we do a full day Monday, come home hopefully before dinner, then a second leg Tuesday-Wednesday, back Wednesday night (only 1 night of camping). Adam has exams to proctor Monday and Wednesday, and then Thursday I’ll be helping do some decoration for a Christmas something-or-other.

For lunch, Adam and I went to The Tavern. It was good food, albeit overpriced, but we FINALLY got to eat Indian (murgh makhani, murgh masala, a daal curry, and garlic-stuffed naan). It was all fantastic, just… we probably could have (and will) eat for half the price and the same quantity elsewhere, but our digestive systems are still adjusting to this area, so we’re okay with paying more for a much more ‘reputable’ place for foreigners, rather than the visited-by-locals places that may make us ill.

3 Comments on “Clothes! Heat! House!

  1. What good news! When do you get to move in? The great thing about a washer and dryer is that it will only be you who is wrecking your clothes–not the dhobi! Sounds like you are both getting busy with school things. Where is the new house and what is it called? What is an advisor group?
    I loved the salwar kameez that I bought in India too–they are so comfortable. I loved the drawstring waists.

  2. We get to move in sometime later this month – not entirely sure yet. The house will be “South Hill, Lower Annexe” — it’s the ‘bottom’ apartment of a unit. We lose our view, and the Sunday brunch bunch (the langur troop that visits Sunday mornings to dine out of the trees over King’s Chambers & Queen’s Cottage), but I have no complaints.

    Advisor groups are, if I understand them correctly, basically small groups of 10-15 students which each teacher gets, and acts as an advisor over the course of their senior school years – a kind of supplementary counselor, as well as being a role model, helping answer questions, and prompting them to do their best, and being social. A lot of people with advisor groups have movie nights/invite the group over to have snacks, dinner, etc. and that would have been difficult in our current unit.

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