Rishikesh, Christmas, New Years, and On!

Situated on the shores of the Ganga River (or Ganges if you’re the sort that still insists on calling it Bombay), Rishikesh is a small but beautiful town built around tourism and and temples. There are many ashrams here too, and it is interesting seeing which have their rules in English or Hindi or both, and the stipulations on entering. After spending a few days there with the Husthwaites, we had seen most of the local sights, but it is the sort of place that one can visit endlessly for the sights and scenery.

Since then both Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and with their passing so too has much of the stress of moving. We now have just under two weeks to prepare for our trip to Varanasi – not to mention finishing unpacking and settling in. We finally have some good firewood, and between the bukari and our various electric heating devices, we have been comfortably warm.

I’ve also started tutoring one of the grade 10 students from Korea named Louie in essay writing and mathematics, which while not quite teaching should at least get me back into something like a regular schedule. I need to get back in the habit of doing a little work on lesson and unit planning every night.

In closing, this was the view from outside our front door yesterday:

Sunset at 2000m above sea level

The view from our front door.

Those are clouds down below the hills… it was breathtaking to say the least.

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