Hurra hurra hurra!

I dag er Adams fødselsdag, hurra hurra hurra!

Han sikker sig en gave får,

Som han har ønsket sig i år

Med dejlig chokolade og kager til!

Now that I’ve gotten my “sing the first verse of ‘Happy Birthday’ in Danish” out of the way: today is Adam’s birthday. He’s now on an age with me, so no more cradle-robbing comments for about six months. Yesterday we went into town to do some errands and, prompted by a Facebook post, I had my camera with me – so, when we stopped for a snack/small dinner (a couple slices of pizza) and a drink, I was able to get video of one of Mussoorie’s phenomena:

Any time you get a beverage which is carbonated, up here, the pressure is sufficiently different that it just exudes the straw: the blasted thing physically cannot stay in unless otherwise restrained (and, at the Tavern, they use a small slice of the citrus fruit that is the ‘lemon/lime’ to hold the straw down). Adam enjoys drinking his Coca-Cola from glass bottles, so he’s given up on straws and just cleans the bottle really well. I am about to throw in the towel on straws at this altitude, because… well, watch the video. Imagine that happening after every. single. sip.

After Adam posted the ‘Sea of Clouds’ picture, I started realizing just how much it does seem that, sometimes, we are at the edge of the world in our mountain retreat. The Doon Valley will fill with clouds, the Sivalik Hills that form the other edge of the boundary are shorter than our range of the Himalaya (the Sivalik cap out around 1,200m/3,900ft; our house is at around 6,500ft). When the valley fills with clouds, and the day is overcast there, sometimes we can’t even see Dehradun and the Sivalik – it can be nice up in Mussoorie, but if we go into Dehradun for an errand or two, we arrive and it’s colder and rainy.

Here are a few pictures that will do a small comparison for the visibilities up here, so you can understand why we *know* there’s more out there, and its absence can be a bit odd.

First: a clear(ish) day. You can see cloudlets dribbling through the middle of the photo.

View from our place down into the Doon Valley and across to the Sivaliks

Then, on one of our questionably-ill fated trips to the bank, we caught this neat view on our walk back.

Clouding up in the valley, as seen from the road by Library Bazaar

And then, views from last night. Nothing we could do a precise comparison with – didn’t think of it, sadly – but here’s a terrible shot showing the employee housing, the side of our house, and the vacant top floor apartment!

Everything was that white cloudy-ness.

Another view, plus rhesus.

And one more, up the hill —

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