First Awkwardness.

Today I had my first unpleasant experience at Woodstock. I mean a genuinely unpleasant, made-my-skin-crawl, sort of situation, from a staff member. Short background: Adam and I have known each other for two years, and been married less than one. Kids are absolutely not in our future for medical reasons and our own choice until late 2012, if not later than that. I’m also very much not Christian, which has made Woodstock a bit awkward, but generally manageable.

So, I was enjoying my walk up to campus to have lunch with Adam today, when I was confronted with someone who started up a casual conversation that then turned into “Your life is good if Jesus is in your life, you should be having kids now, there’s no need to wait and get to be more comfortable with each other, you should have kids, you need to start a family, because with God in your life there can never be any problems. There are only problems when God isn’t in your life, and so you need to start your family now.”

Very much not comfortable and happy. My private life – including possible children – is no one’s business but mine and my husband’s. Certainly not a casual onlooker’s, especially when they aren’t going to be raising any possible offspring on my behalf. What concerns me on another level is the talk that the board of directors and others aren’t happy at how non-religious the school has become, and are trying to turn that around. I’m very concerned that our private life and lifestyle decisions, such as giving ourselves time to settle as a couple, are going to become popcorn conversation, and that we’ll get more pressure like what I encountered today. It fills me with an uncomfortable sense of foreboding.

3 Comments on “First Awkwardness.

  1. I would have exploded at that person. I am a Christian, but that doesn’t mean I have no problems, and I certainly shouldn’t have kids. I have a neurological condition which is certainly a problem, and the physical trauma of having a child could leave me crippled for life because of it. Anyone who says I just need more faith will get a swift kick in the bits.

  2. I would have lost my shit too. Those sorts of ideas get people to do things like stopping their cancer treatment because God has “healed” them. Those beliefs are toxic, and I don’t think you have any obligation to be nice to people who try to force them on you.

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