Woodstock Vacancies 2011


#EDITED: Updated 01 June at 08:25 with changes.

#EDITED: Updated 25 May at 13:54 with changes.

#EDITED: Updated 9 May at 15:06 with changes.

#EDITED: Updated 5 May at 21:55 with changes.

So — Woodstock is hiring, and a number of positions at that. Here are links to the webpages listing the positions, and a bullet point list of what they are, as of 10:38am on May 1st:

Administration Vacancies

  • Finance Director

Teaching Vacancies

  • Senior School Mathematics teacher (filled)
  • Senior School Social Studies teacher (filled)
  • Senior School English/Social Studies teacher – looks to be dominantly Social Studies (filled)
  • Senior School Part-time Hindi teacher (filled)
  • Junior School ESL Teacher (NEW!)
  • Librarian (filled)
  • Band, Percussion and Brass teacher (filled)

Residence Vacancies

  • Ridgewood boys dorm parent (grade 7,8,9) (filled)
  • Hostel boys dorm parent (grade 10, 11, 12) (filled)
  • Community Centre boys dorm parent (grade 5, 6) (filled)

Support Vacancies

  • Alumni Engagement & Gifts Officer (filled)
  • ICT Manager
  • Social Media Specialist (filled)
  • Analyst/Programmer
  • Security Officer
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • Senior Accountant

If you have any questions, I strongly suggest browsing the Woodstock site, asking questions in the comments, or e-mailing Adam or myself separately. This is great experience for anyone just graduating college/teacher’s college, looking for some variety in their educational atmospheres, and a fantastic campus (you will lose fat and gain muscle, I guarantee it).

2 Comments on “Woodstock Vacancies 2011

  1. I am apply for the post of ‘Social Media Specialist’. I printed and read all relevant pages on the Woodstock website and am really excited. Hope they’ll shortlist me. I was searching the net accordingly and found your blog. 🙂

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