Summer Holiday Plans-2011

Adam and I have summer plans rolling around – we’re planning a short trip to Lucknow (4 days, + 2 for transit) and either a trip to Amritsar (1-2 days + 2 for transit) or a trip into the Himalaya (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Chopta, and so on). We don’t want to go gallivanting out to a foreign country, preferring to stay home and fuss about locally and take advantage of it being summer to get into the mountains and to some of the normally colder sites. Kashmir isn’t really an option right now, mostly due to cost; either next summer, or some other future holiday point.

We also can’t go too far, for too long, because I’ve agreed to help out a bit with some things for new staff, and need to be back at WS for late July for that, so a couple trips here and there let us get out of town without being gone for rather long stretches at a time.

I _think_ I’ve gotten the poll set up correctly – I’d be curious to get some input on suggestions for places to check out this summer. I’ve included our ideas; leave other suggestions in the comments, please!

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