World Peace Stupa in Dehradun

I’d forgotten to send two friends a photo I took of them on a trip to Dehradun, and cleaned off the SD card the photos were on. I decided that I had a few nice photographs from this one stop, and people might like to see them.

This stupa is in Clement Town, the Tibetan colony in Dehradun. It’s a bit of a trek – almost an hour and a half from Mussoorie – but an interesting stop.

The World Peace Stupa

The Stupa is at “Mindrolling Monastery” – don’t get me started on the name choice. I blame my mother and too many years of watching “murder and mayhem” on TV, reading books about cults, and the like.  The stupa is large – there’s a bottom floor, the first floor that you can access via the stairs (as seen above), and then inside there’s a third floor, and from there you can ascend up another few floors and look around. We didn’t have time to go all the way up, but on Sundays, you get to go up as far as the eyes on the stupa.


And what stupa is not complete without a giant statue of the Buddha? We saw a couple doing a devotion, just as we were departing.

I missed getting a photo of the “no eating peanuts” sign (evidently people buy peanuts then leave the shells everywhere). Yes, that really does say “no public displays of affection”. This is, after all, a monastery.

A lion on a smaller stupa.

You’re not permitted to take photographs inside the large stupa (and I understand that!) – the walls are covered in hand-drawn images from the Buddha’s life, and there really are no words to describe it. I can only imagine what it must have looked like as they painted, floor to ceiling, what amounts to an intricate mural. Here’s a very small taste of the type of art!

#Edit: I found a link which has video of some things at the monastery. The one that will open when you click the link is of a bit of a service in the monastery, and the inside of the stupa:

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