A favour…

We’ve decided that we do want to scout for some phenomenally solid sandals, and we need a bit of legwork done on the not-in-India end.

Adam is after a pair of these  (or these), and Darcey is after a pair of these (or these); we’d both prefer darker colours as they’ll go with anything. They’re great sandals on both ends… the problem is they’re so expensive! We’re hoping that someone may go to an outlet store, or know one nearby, that stocks them, or see them on the “buy 1 get 1 half off” sale when they’re shoe-shopping, and we can figure out a way to PayPal some money to cover purchases and shipping.

2 Comments on “A favour…

  1. Hey Darcey!

    Great blog! I’ll be coming to Woodstock as new staff this July and found your blog posts while searching for info. They’ve been very helpful! We are an American/Canadian pairing as well 🙂 We saw your need for quality shoes and spices and would be glad to bring a few things for you if that would be helpful. Let us know and look forward to seeing you on the hillside!

    • Hi Marney,

      Glad this has been useful! We’ll have to have a Canadian-American gathering when you all get here. 🙂
      I would suggest you *definitely* bring a couple other things with you, if you’re coming this summer:
      *a great umbrella. You’ll be able to pick one up in town for under USD/CAD$10, but if you’ve got a good one, don’t hesitate to bring it. You’ll be coming right in monsoon.
      *If you have a particular brand of coffee (beans or pre-ground), or someone in your household has an addiction to Tim Horton’s… bring it. Here, you generally get the Nescafe just-add-water coffee, and stuff like Tim’s French Vanilla Cappucino mix just doesn’t exist. We have a couple french presses, and coffee has just been easiest to do that way. Tea, of course, you can get in a thousand different shapes and forms and flavours.
      *At least one adapter for things that don’t use the plug system here. I’d suggest bringing a handful (RadioShack is where we got ours), plus some power strips, and a few transformers (Brookstone has some, as does Radio Shack). The transformers can be pricey, but are well worth it. We’ve been trying to get a few made in Dehradun, but… it’s been sort of Mission: Impossible. For quick start-up and settling in, have a few that you can just plug right into.

      We’ll be in touch, I’m sure — maybe even your buddies. Regardless, you can e-mail me (darceywunker@woodstock.ac.in) any questions and I’ll be happy to answer for you! 🙂

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