End of term…

The term is nearly over; the final staff meeting is on Wednesday, and then the rest of the staff still here disperse to the winds until the new round comes in, just over a month from now. We had dinner with a friend last night who is departing (she’ll go back to the US briefly before picking up to work as a librarian in Kyiv, Ukraine), talked with a new couple who will be coming here in the new term, and Adam is still(!) finishing marking. The kids that whined over 4,000 words in a month at the start of the year overproduced for their final project by leagues – an 8,000 word project turned into, generally, double or triple that amount.

Today we’re finally making it into town (we haven’t gone for two weeks, despite it only being a 30min walk from our house!) to pay bills. With the end of term have come the tourists, and it’s really a pain in the noun to negotiate your way through on weekends. It feels awkward sometimes, as a white-skinned Anglo, being the local – especially when some shopkeeps say “Oh, I haven’t seen you before.” My response to one was “That’s nice, we’ve been here since November. We haven’t seen you either, since your shop was closed until early May.”

It looks as if our summer travels will keep us close to home because of everyone’s panic about the weather. 40+ degrees does not bother me in the least, and we’re reticent to go too far back into the mountains because they are already starting to suffer some problems because of monsoon. Monsoon has slowed a bit, and I won’t deny I’m appreciative: it means I only have to worry about a thunderstorm interrupting the staff banquet tomorrow, instead of the monotonous drip I’d been expecting us to have.

We may still do some day trips – Dhanolti, Chandigarh, Kempty Falls, etc. and keep ourselves busy, but also the idea of cleaning house, finishing some knitting projects, Adam getting to practise guitar, and prep work for the new term. I’ll be continuing my ESL tutoring as well as picking up tutoring two more students; good practise, good experience, and justification for one day trying to save up the USD $2000 to get a CELTA certification.

I am certain this summer is going to pass by phenomenally quickly – the next thing I know, I’ll be complaining about doing some of the youth orientation material too late, and wailing about lost time!

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