Mail Call!

Today Adam and I rang up the mail room to ask if we had any packages/mail that had come in; we’ve been waiting since mid-May for a box for me from the UK with a Hindi book in it. When we arrived at the mail room, as they said there was something for us, we were surprised to see not one, but two boxes. Lo and behold, there was a surprise from Adam’s aunt (my.. aunt-in-law?) Gail.

There is yarn for us to snuggle with and craft something out of, and maple syrup and parmesan cheese for the man who has them running through his bloodstream. Some sweets which we shared with HR, and it everything was lovely… and then we realised something. The box’s mail date: 23 March 2011. It got here sometime in the last week to week and a half and I’m willing to bet that it was around 24 or 25 June that it came, since a package from Adam’s mum showed up about 3 months after it was sent.

Lesson: Canadian regular mail packages take 3 months to get here. US regular packages I don’t know – the flat rate boxes take about 2 weeks to get here. Expensive, but… well, cheaper than going straight by weight, and *definitely* faster. We are both exceedingly thrilled, and now have more knitting projects to attend to! It’s a bright spot in the monsoon that has rolled in with a vengeance. Thank you again, Gail!

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