And a new term begins…

It’s been awhile since a post, for a variety of reasons; the biggest  happens to be internet hiccups. It seems the ICT department is meddling with server settings, and now that the kids have arrived again (Wednesday 03/08 was Adam’s first day of school for the new term), the net will get even more unreliable. Periodic time-outs, lag, and simply disconnecting for no apparent reason are prime examples. We worked on a handful of posts over the summer, but then would find them not posting and erased by WordPress’ web client, so… Meh. We sort of gave up. 🙂

The summer was quiet – we stayed up in Mussoorie but for a trip here and there. With monsoon hanging clouds over our heads and unpredictable weather, and tight finances, we couldn’t really go on any of the trips we wanted. Instead, we battled it out with tourists, going into town once every couple of weeks, helping some of the new hires get settled in, and generally cleaning, prepping for the new term, and relaxing. One of our friends here took Adam & I down into Dehradun a couple weeks ago, where we got my nose repierced (which is a story I’ll have to have Adam write, since it’s better coming from an observer rather than a participant), and some other errands done.

A couple changes in the school – namely, their revocation of Adam’s advisor group and giving him a new one, some grade 7’s – have made us less inclined to stay here for another contract, combined with other matters. We’re hoping the school will re-evaluate that decision, or will explain things and make changes in a way that would incline us to stay longer… but even if Adam stayed with this group, he’d have to sign another 4 years worth of contract time after what we have already (through 2017) to watch them graduate…and there is no guarantee that the school would keep him with this group. It’s difficult to have been here less than a year and already have to start thinking the “what-ifs” of leaving.

Some more focused posts on things will come (like Monsoon!, the new term, and some other scattered things)… but just a short update for now.

(Update: I tried to post this on the 3rd. Trying again on the 11th. Argh!)

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