Fast-n-Dirty Update

Since every time we’ve tried to update this, it’s hung/seized/pulled other shenanigans, I’m just doing a very bullet-point update. I’ll then tweak this to include a photo gallery & YouTube links, etc. as needed after I’m assured that it’s actually uploaded to WordPress!

-Not dead yet. Also, no one has been severely ill (yay).
-Adam is teaching Grade 7 math & grades 10 & 12 English.
-Darcey is taking Kathak (an Indian dance) class on Saturdays.
-Monsoon is OVER. The daily rain, collection of mould and mildew, etc. is gone… however, the spiders still remain.

We’re looking forward to Adam’s family coming out in December, particularly the fact that his aunt can come; there was a brief period of uncertainty. The new school year generally seems to be going well; the biggest issues seem to be a sense of entitlement amongst some of the new staff (particularly the single females) and an utter sense of ineptitude from some of the new grade 7s. I have become inordinately pleased with the public school education I received, considering the behaviour of some of these new kids would have had them suspended, if not expelled, already!

We’ve managed to be in town twice for unexpected processions: one was Janmashtami (festival of Krishna’s birthday) and one was the procession for Guru Nanak Dev’s death. Guru Nanak Dev was the founder, more or less, of Sikhism, and Mussoorie has a very large Sikh population.

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