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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Adam and I have a fairly straight forward routine: he leaves at 8am, and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I leave at 10 (Weds & Fri I leave at 9:30). This morning, there was a kink in my plans: namely, a pair of people singing and playing tabla outside my front door. Quite literally on my doorstep. It was surprising, and I couldn’t quite tell who or what was going on –… Read More

American Thanksgiving was on 24 November, and was celebrated with momos after Kathak class. Never one too keen on holidays, I forgot about it until just recently – it’s not like you can get a turkey up here, nor a goose (which is my bird of choice for holiday cooking; much more flavourful). Even if dinner was fried momos in the school cafeteria, it was definitely an interesting day: I got to… Read More

(grabbed directly from http://woodstockschool.in/Employment/) Looking for a job over here? Here’s an updated list of the new vacancies at Woodstock. If you’re interested in something like residence staff, you could always email HR – they might not have something listed now, but I know there’s at least one staffer in the dorms who they would like to replace. I believe things are in the Catch-22 of “if we list the position, they’ll know… Read More

The Tamil word “kolaveri” has recently been popularized due to the success of a song, “Why this kolaveri di?”, which (according to Samosapedia) means “murderous rage felt by a jilted or spurned lover but in everyday parlance refers to unnecessary anger”. A song was created, which more or less translates to “Why so mad, girl?”; the music was created, and the lyrics followed in an improv state, and it was then reduplicated… Read More

It’s been one year – either way you count it (arriving in India, at Woodstock). It’s been a long, crazy, weird year, but I’m actually living with my husband, so I’d go through hell and high water to ensure that keeps happening. So.. one year later, things I’ve learned: Rhesus are really pains in the ass (I’ll be blunt). Aggressive, annoying bloody buggers. I was naive before. I’ve learned, after one of… Read More

You stop questioning the power when it goes off for the 3rd or 4th time that day for at least 10 minutes. I might wake up with a spider the size of a spread hand next to my bed. Or in my shower. Or under my toilet lid. I actually have to worry about whether or not I might be attacked by a leopard on my way home during the switch-off between… Read More