Woodstock 2012 Vacancies, Updated

(grabbed directly from http://woodstockschool.in/Employment/)

Looking for a job over here? Here’s an updated list of the new vacancies at Woodstock. If you’re interested in something like residence staff, you could always email HR – they might not have something listed now, but I know there’s at least one staffer in the dorms who they would like to replace. I believe things are in the Catch-22 of “if we list the position, they’ll know we want to fire them; if we don’t have a replacement available before we fire them, we’ll be out of luck.” People who like working with teenagers, are willing to play the role of “parent” for a bunch of students, and who can be positive role models and accept additional responsibilities (chaperoning trips, Going-Down Day, etc) are the sorts of people that should apply for Residence positions.


Teaching Staff:

    • English Teacher, Senior School. Ability to teach AP an advantage. Click here to read about the English department.
    • Mathematics Teacher, Senior School – two positions. Click here to read about the mathematics department.Position 1: to teach various classes from 7th grade through 12th grade. The teacher should be competent in content mastery of the following subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus, and Statistics. We are implementing a teaching style of teaching the students to think creatively and how to solve problems where there is no right answer. The teacher should be good at developing projects and teaching in a style that encourages students to think for themselves and beyond just being able to solve an equation.
    • Position 2: a statistics teacher to teach AP Statistics and regular Statistics. The teacher will also teach two other general math classes. The statistics classes emphasize creative work and finding solutions when there isn’t any one right or wrong answer. The teacher should be comfortable with Excel, TI-84 graphing calculator, and other programs that are designed to help the students learn more effectively. The teacher should also be good at developing projects using statistical principles.
    • Junior School Teacher: The Junior School team consists of teachers, residence and support staff who work with children from age 3 to about age 12 (Early Childhood Programme to Grade 6). We use the “whole child” approach where the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth is nurtured by every member of the team. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which are led by teachers. Most importantly, teachers in Junior School are expected to lay and strengthen foundations in skills and concepts which are essential for students to be successful as they continue with their education after grade 6. A curriculum is provided by the school to guide this expectation. Class teachers in Junior School teach the core subjects – Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies and religious education while Hindi, physical education, art, computers and general music are taught by teachers trained specifically in these disciplines. Junior School aims to attract staff members who enjoy working with children. You can read more about Junior school by clicking on this link.
    • Head of ESL Department:In addition to their teaching load, Heads of Department are responsible for staff selection, induction and development, budgeting and financial control, curriculum and programming, and student discipline within the department.You can read about the ESL department via this link.
    • ESL Teacher: The ESL teacher participates in the identification and evaluation of prospective ESL students, coordinates with core teachers to determine placement, develops lessons that address grade-level Language Arts skills with materials specially prepared and selected to assist the language acquisition of students, and evaluates student progress along the language continuum. You can read about the ESL department via this link.
    • Piano Teacher: The piano teaching position involves teaching beginning through advanced performance level students. Age group involves nine to eighteen year old students. The music department has a keyboard lab that is used for teaching group lessons for beginning students. Students who are at a level beyond the beginning level are given individual lessons once in a week. The lessons are taught as part of the scheduled academic day. You can read about the Music department via this link.
    • Biology Teacher: Ccandidates should be competent to teach Biology to AP standard; the ability to also teach the IGCSE Biology and/or Chemistry curricula or equivalent will be an advantage to the candidate. We are seeking committed teachers who can communicate enthusiasm for the subject as well as content. Flexibility and some experience in other areas of the Sciences will also be an advantage. You can read about the Science department via this link.


  • Health Centre Coordinator: The Health Centre Coordinator promotes continuance of health and disease prevention in the Woodstock community, and meets the health needs of the community with a high degree of professional nursing and confidentiality. For more information about the Health Centre click here.
  • Outdoor Education Instructor: The Outdoor Education Instructor will be primarily responsible for providing content and logistical support to the Senior School to integrate Outdoor and Environmental Education into the academic curriculum. He / she will work closely with the HOD to achieve these objectives. In addition, the Instructor will be required to lead weekend camps and hikes including those during Activity week and quarter break. For more information about the Outdoor Education programme, click here.

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