Short update!

Today Adam and I returned from Lucknow. The fog has been terrible these past few weeks all across India; our train had a 6 hour(!) delay for its return, and a 3.5 hour delay going out from Dehradun. Adam’s not feeling spectacular, so we’re hoping to keep very close to home over the next few days (only going to the bazaar once) to get him back on an even keel and ready for the big trip.

Family arrives in four days (five for their arrival at Jolly Grant) – I’m entitled to panic, thankyouverymuch. It’s the right of every daughter-in-law to do so, and particularly one in India. My (Indian) friends have even offered to come over and help me clean, but I think I’ll keep my panicking quietly to myself… that’s pushing the boundaries of friendship a bit, yet!

Lucknow, in a nutshell, was foggy and colder than anticipated, but an amazing trip and we’re definitely planning to go back. Picked up some chikan embroidery (plus some shirt material for Adam & two cheap suits for me), some sneakers at a Bata outlet, a fake Christmas tree, and a few other bits and bobs. There are many fascinating historical sites and great meal opportunities, and it would have been significantly more enjoyable if we hadn’t been facing what we’re told is an unexpected combination of cold and fog in that area of the plains.

Until we can do a longer update – here’s a photo of Adam and I, cold and not-yet-entirely awake, at the British Residency, near the Treasury building pockmarked with musket ball holes and cannonball holes.

Adam and Darcey at the British Residency


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