Almost back to the grind…

Almost. Not quite yet, though.

Adam and I have been settling back in – doing dishes, writing up thank-you cards to be mailed, and getting Christmas packed back down. Well… we unplugged the lights for the tree, but haven’t picked its rest-of-year home yet. That counts, right? The weather has broken for a nice warm spell – we came back to snow and sleet, and learned it had been doing that for a few days prior, and for a few days after we came back as well.

Next week starts the professional development (PD) week at Woodstock, with the new staff in, existing staff back from vacation, and some visitors on campus to do the PD sessions. I don’t think I’ll be going in for the PD this year; last year’s was nice but I could have done better for cross-cultural training. This year’s is all about education and the variations in education structure, and how what we have is effectively outdated from the Industrial Revolution’s educational structures. I agree with this completely: education needs a serious revamping as far as the structure goes, globally. Still, that’s a conversation for a different point… and Adam is the best suited to that one!

Otherwise, we’re sketching out meal plans (today’s mutton burgers for lunch turned out to be mystery meat with pasta… it definitely wasn’t mutton!); we’ve got to go back down to Dehradun in the next few weeks to stock up on the various necessities we like to buy in bulk. Even taking into account that a day-trip to Dehradun is Rs1,200 or so for the taxi… if you’re an omnivore, meat is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost at Easy Day, and higher proportion of meat to fat/bone; one trip in a month can save us loads of money. The free trips with the school save us even more!

I’m excited to get back to Kathak, and see what ESL turns into this term; Adam’s got a couple new projects related to essays and Shakespeare he’s looking forward to implementing. We helped fund a Kickstarter project for a Shakespearean RPG, where you play Actors trying to rewrite the play, and for every person who donated $25 or more they are sending a copy to a public school teacher of your choice (I’ve got our copy going to two friends who teach English in Florida).

Since it sounds like we’ll be coming back to the US/Canada this summer, we’ve started to plan for that (already!) and budget accordingly; we’ve not got any firm plans yet but we’ll be seeing about visiting friends, family, and some of the places (in CT and ON) we haven’t  been able to explore yet. I’ll admit the idea of escaping monsoon is exciting… we’ll be back for a month and bit of it, but we’ll take every moment we can and enjoy the heat and significantly lesser amount of rain!

Then again, I might buy a nice new umbrella when we’re in North America. Or find our expensive, awesome ones that are stored very safely somewhere.

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