I’m Still Alive!

Darcey has been doing the majority of the work posting material and maintaining this blog, but I hope that as things settle down in my third semester at Woodstock that I will be able to provide more regular contributions.

And for my first post after a long hiatus, I want to make it something special. So here are the 1200 or so photos I took over my winter break trips.

You will need to sign up for a free account and install the software to access the files, but the pictures are all there – all 7 gigabytes of them. If you check back every few weeks I’ll be editing and enhancing some of the photos that are under- or over-exposed, and hopefully will be also posting some commentary explaining some of the less obvious pictures.

EDIT: so the process seems to be slightly more complicated than I thought it would be, so here is a step by step guide to get what you want (the pictures).

1. Click on the above link, and fill in the information to sign up for a free account. Make sure you use a valid email address, or you will have problems later.

2. Once you finish signing up it will prompt you to install the sugarsync desktop software. If you want to skip this process you can, but the service may complain about it later. While installing, the only part that you should not just click next for is the option of what folders to sync. Deselect everything, or you may find the program using all your bandwidth uploading files you did not even remember you had on your computer.

3. Once you are finished installing the service, it will send a verification email to the address you entered earlier. Once you click on the button/link to verify your address, you should be able to click on the link above again, and it will take you to the sugarsync website, where you can click on shared folders on the left, and then click on gallery view to see all of the pictures laid out nicely.

Email if you have any problems, as the process may be different depending on operating system and such.

One Comment on “I’m Still Alive!

  1. You’ll also have to download the setup program for the system sync. Be aware of this — still it’s the best alternative we’ve found outside of burning CDs and trying to mail them.

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