MISSING: One Matte Blue Cross Fountain Pen

I hate when things go missing – I settled down a few days back (last week) to write the thank-you cards to send out, and decided that some of them would look better with orange ink on the cards, rather than black or blue. Except when I went to find my blue pen, with its orange ink, the pen was nowhere to be found.

Since then, and with cleaning up, Adam and I have looked. Everywhere. And the pen is nowhere to be found… drawers, cabinets, hidden in the kitchen, tucked behind the bukari, fallen into my sock drawer, under a durri… nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. So here is my appeal: if anyone reading this remembers seeing the pen at our place, or me with it in my hand in the past few months, please let me know. The not-being-able-to-find it is driving me nuts.

Admittedly, our house is dusted down and picked up and the only mess is the corner with the pile of pinecones (and yes, I’ve checked behind the box!)… and I’m at my wits end. Not a far end, mind you, and cleaning the house is good… but I hate having a favoured object suddenly VANISH! with no trace.

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