Deconstructing & Authenticity in Food

I came across this link in the New York Times regarding deconstructing Indian food for the masses in the West. They mention some intriguing ideas, and a few nascent chains (Bombay Bowl, Chutney, and others) – including one called Veda in Toronto. I think it would be fun, while we’re in Toronto and around the US, to explore Veda, Mt Everest, Curry Twist, and any other Indian restaurants we can come across. Stop in for lunch, split something (even better if we can find a Groupon deal!) and see how Westernised Indian food compares. What do we like, don’t we like – is our shared dislike of cardamom (and what makes us not like some Indian dishes) something that we see in the West, with less cardamom included? Or will there be variations on keeping it “authentic”?

I know that I plan on going to the pho restaurant on Bloor, because I love it so – but now that I’m so close to Vietnam, I know I’ll have to go over there and try the real deal, and compare. Even if the staff is Vietnamese in Toronto… how authentic will it be?

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