Why’d it have to be goats?

It’s crazy to think that the term only started a few weeks ago, but it has already started to strike the chord of interminable days. The spring term is always a bit nuts at Woodstock because the last half of May and any day in June is exams and prep for graduation – which translates into February, March and April really being “teachable” months, May is exam prep until exams kick in – and the kids are already talking about the end of the year, and so on. It helps Adam and I think of the time-crunch when we realise we fly to the US on 20 June – leave for Delhi on the 19th (missing the end of year banquet!), and our tickets for the train down will need to be purchased next month(!), since you can buy train tickets only up to 90 days in advance. Then we have to turn our gaze towards summer plans, what things we can do to prep for the autumn before we leave, and suddenly the time seems to have disappeared all together.

The weather has also started to turn towards spring/summer – and as far as this blog title goes…  the telltale migration of goats has begun. I woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of what must have been over 100 goats heading back into the hills – it was at least 15 minutes of bleating and jingling bells. I later had it independently confirmed that it was before 5am when this happened. I wasn’t entirely certain if I was awake, or dreaming, at the time – just that there were fuzzy goat-sounds and bell-sounds, and clearly something was going on, or maybe I was just hallucinating… but it was later confirmed that the migrations of the herds have resumed.

In teaching-news, Adam’s been asked – again – what he’d like to do for teaching next year, since they’re hiring both English and Mathematics teachers at Woodstock. He’s said he’d prefer to teach both subjects, but it’s a toss-up on whether or not he’ll be able to. I may re-evaluate my own schedule and drop my ESL classes back to 3 days a week: I’d like a couple days “off” to be able to work on some other personal projects (like writing, etc); I never wanted to be a teacher, and now I’m putting in part-time teacher hours with neither the training as an educator nor the compensation for it, and I’m not able to provide Adam with the sort of support network at home I’d like to. My ladies will be devastated, but these 3 hours end up also including an hour of “commute”, plus all the prep-work, and it turns into more like 5 hours a day that are tied to the ESL classes… and I’m just not that into it.

Additionally, it sounds like the senior school RE teacher may be leaving. I’m sad about this as I quite like him, but I understand his wife’s been having some culture shock issues, as well as safety concerns, so they may be leaving at the end of this year. 😦

Adam has started working out again, and shows some definite muscle development as well as being ready to have one of those weight-loss ad photos taken, where he’s holding out his jeans from the “used to fit fine/tight” to “you can fit a second person in here”. He also may be part of a project for the AP Psychology class – a few students to test conditioning on him, and see if they can get him to eat a new type of vegetable. One of the kids is our “daughter” (a 17 year old girl whose mom works at the school, but has adopted us as other-parents, down to calling us to tell us marks on major tests!), who is eagerly looking forward to experimenting on “Dad”!

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