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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Woodstock prides itself on its sense of community – it is a major factor for the school on a recruitment level as well as an aspect of sustaining its staff, employees, and students. There are always variations in this community, and various smaller communities within the larger one. I have always felt that I have struggled with becoming part of that community – it is unfortunate but acknowledged that sometimes the non-working… Read More

Adam and I went up to Hobbiton this afternoon (House Brodie) for afternoon tea, which was absolutely delightful – I ought to have snapped a few photos of the fine view they have in their mountain perch. I was also quite jealous of Meg’s sari scores in Dehradun, and want to go shopping with her for secondhand saris one of these days. We had some lovely conversation, a few things galvanizing me… Read More

Frothing fit of rage. GURGAON: A day after a 23-year-old woman was abducted and gangraped in the city, the Gurgaon administration¬†on Monday passed an order virtually absolving its responsibility of ensuring women are safe. The administration has told all malls, commercial establishments and pub owners that they cannot have women employees working beyond 8pm. Gurgaon deputy commissioner P C Meena said permission from the labour department would be required for a woman… Read More

It seems obligatory that all Bollywood Holi-related numbers have the dancers and actors/actresses dress in white… both so the gulal (colour) shows up, and for the strange, obligatory wet… whatever… scene. Thursday was Holi, but Adam and I didn’t end up celebrating until today… and oh, did we celebrate! It was a lot of fun – we went to a party that was mostly Indian nationals with just a handful of us… Read More

Our friends Ben & Emerald Windsor left Woodstock last year, and have now found themselves in Korea. If you’re interested in seeing what life as expats in South Korea is like, check out their Tumblr. It’ll be things from the Kiwi perspective – they’re from New Zealand.

For the past two nights we’ve had thunderstorms with hail that have woken Adam and I up, and subsequently we’ve slept terribly and it’s ruined our schedules (trying to catch that extra bit of missed sleep turns into oversleeping, etc). It’s put both of us in poor moods, and those beautiful days of almost-summer have vanished into the clouds – since it’s pretty much nothing but clouds up here anyway – and… Read More

I remain in a state of vague amused shock. I e-mailed a company with a slightly scathing but perfectly polite email – the fact that their .pdf documents were so egregiously incorrect I was appalled, and I volunteered to QC/proofread the documents going forward so this wouldn’t happen again. ¬† They emailed me back with a job offer.¬†