Just a little update…

For the past two nights we’ve had thunderstorms with hail that have woken Adam and I up, and subsequently we’ve slept terribly and it’s ruined our schedules (trying to catch that extra bit of missed sleep turns into oversleeping, etc). It’s put both of us in poor moods, and those beautiful days of almost-summer have vanished into the clouds – since it’s pretty much nothing but clouds up here anyway – and cool almost autumnal weather again.

Additionally, our internet connections have gone into a shiny little handbasket — the wireless connection at campus was somehow meddled with and doesn’t work, and our connection at home has been absolutely dreadful for the past few days as well. It’s made doing any sort of lesson prep – and for Adam, records maintenance like inputting grades or answering student emails – impossible. We can certainly function without internet, but there are a lot of things for which internet is now mandatory (Adam inputting grades, being able to check email with meeting information, even being told when meetings are!… me getting my paperwork in order for this new job, managing his schedule and mine) and this makes it frustratingly difficult. He can’t do his job at the level which he expects to be able to, nor that he wishes to conduct himself, when a campus that brags about tech in classrooms and wanting to have cloud-systems and advanced teaching can’t provide a reliable connection.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, if nothing else: Holi. My ladies have asked to cancel class, which I’m fine with – it will be risky walking in and out of campus alone, and so I’ll be going in with Adam if only to se the rangoli and whatever is going on at the school… or I may stay home and just enjoy the nothing going on. 🙂 Holi is a great festival… but also, I think, some men take it as a license to be lewd and inappropriate, and I’m not keen on walking home and putting myself at risk. The idea behind it is cheerful and great – a celebration – but just like you get people celebrating a sport’s team’s win by flipping cars… guys take the chance to play colour to grab women and cop a feel while smearing them with colour. Still, the flower rangoli in the Quad will be worth walking in for. Last term it absolutely reeked of flowers, and it was amazing – no added perfume, just the petals themselves, in intricate designs… I’m hoping this year is the same.

Otherwise, things are status quo. Adam’s advisor group was over and we cleaned the house and it was mostly a case of simply putting things back where they belonged… hopefully we can continue to keep things more organised and slowly get better on that. I’m trying to knit up more of my yarn into projects to gift or use, and have made my pile of laceweight that has to go back this summer to get wound (when you’re talking about winding 900+ meters by hand… and the worries of tangles/knots… I’d rather bring them back, wind them, then back to India).



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