Frothing at the mouth…

Frothing fit of rage.

GURGAON: A day after a 23-year-old woman was abducted and gangraped in the city, the Gurgaon administration on Monday passed an order virtually absolving its responsibility of ensuring women are safe. The administration has told all malls, commercial establishments and pub owners that they cannot have women employees working beyond 8pm.

Gurgaon deputy commissioner P C Meena said permission from the labour department would be required for a woman employee to work beyond the stipulated time in these establishments. For staffers permitted to work after 8pm, the employer would have to provide transportation for them to go home, he said.

So rather than provide police and acknowledge that there’s a problem, we’ll just ban women working after 8, and make it the employer’s responsibility to ensure their safety. Not have more police, or ensure the police are doing their work – and this isn’t, sadly, the first time something like this has happened in Gurgaon. But it does appear to be the first time the administration has made such a blanket statement absolving themselves of being remotely responsible administrators for the welfare of the city’s female populace.

I’m… livid. Except that’s not strong enough. And I don’t want to continue to use “frothing”. Thankfully, Mussoorie is nothing like this. For all our out-of-the-way places, I’ve generally felt safer here than in Delhi.

2 Comments on “Frothing at the mouth…

  1. We need another “Slut Walk” in Delhi. Obviously, we didn’t get the point across the first time around. I mean Jeez!! Blame the women, right? You shouldn’t be out working so late. Restrict them further than they already are. So annoying. :/

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