Afternoon Tea and Updates

Adam and I went up to Hobbiton this afternoon (House Brodie) for afternoon tea, which was absolutely delightful – I ought to have snapped a few photos of the fine view they have in their mountain perch. I was also quite jealous of Meg’s sari scores in Dehradun, and want to go shopping with her for secondhand saris one of these days. We had some lovely conversation, a few things galvanizing me towards doing more intercultural work, and wishing that Woodstock were a more receptive environment for it… but I may force it in, because I think it’s needed. We’ll see how that goes – it may go smoothly with proposals.

I did finally go through my RSS feeds, which I’ve been neglecting over the past few weeks, and found a few interesting articles to share. One is on Lathmar Holi, the version of Holi performed in two villages in Uttar Pradesh, where allegedly Krishna and Radha were born, and grew up. India Ink (a subset/group of New York Times) has an interesting article on it here; in addition to throwing colour, the women are allowed – and even expected! – to smack men with bamboo sticks, whilst they hurl colour – and colourful invective – back. A second article is about a growing number of people who won’t/don’t want to play Holi, and their reasons why. After seeing the earlier blog posts about Adam and I with colour, I think you’ll be able to understand why they feel that way…

Adam is off this week (departing Monday 8am) for Activity Week with his grade 7’s in Dehradun; I’ll be staying home. He comes back Saturday, which is just in time for Woodstock’s Battle of the Bands in the evening. It’s even gotten coverage in a (paper) edition of the Hindustan Times – we’ll see how the event goes, but they’re doing a lot of promotion for it, so I hope that it comes together well. Bands from Delhi schools are coming, in addition to some more local schools – hopefully this will turn into a new tradition. We’ll see!

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