Five Things Not To Do At Once…


  1. Sign up to not only perform a kathak routine, but participate in a Bollywood dance routine as well.
  2. Try a new recipe for the first time when you’re starving. Protip: dried rajmah daal (aka kidney beans) take more than 6-12 hours to rehydrate *and* cook down. I was trying to make refried beans with them, and… it went poorly. After soaking for 2 days, and having been cooked for 4+ hours, they were still closer to “rock hard” than “mushy”.
  3. Attempt to coordinate a 4 week vacation with four separate plane flights involved, seeing people one hasn’t seen in 1-2+ years.
  4. Help your husband mark papers and prep for exams – it just ends up in hair-pulling and frustration, for all parties involved. High expectations, and partial sentences on both ends lead to mistakes being made.
  5. Have construction going on right outside your bedroom window, involving dumping loads of rocks down a corrugated tin chute at 2:30am.
  6. (bonus!) get excited about something, buy a video & download an app, only to find out that you cannot view the video because you’re not in the continental United States or Canada, and that you can’t get the video out of the app so you can use it elsewhere.

I’m sure I could add to this, but that’s rather an encapsulation of my life, and Adam’s tucked in too, at the moment. Except he’s not trying to do the dance routines… add in “remember to exercise” and “get all papers marked” there. 🙂 The Pantry Challenge has gone pretty well, except for the rajmah daal incident – using up some of the corn flour we have for tortillas (mixing it with atta), rice, etc. for tortillas. Last night was garlic chicken in cream sauce over spinach pasta; tonight one of my students is bringing us dinner, so I have no idea what there will be!

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