Go Woodstock!

Today I went to my… third ever basketball game (I remember going to one in high school, and then one of Ashtha’s games on Thursday, then the semifinals today). Basketball’s never been my thing, but Adam & I went to support our “kid” (we have her on co-share with her mom), and I got some pretty good photos… but more importantly, I also got to see how excellent the Woodstock students are with their ethics.

The team they were against, Modern School from Delhi, was… not particularly modern – pinching (hard to see mid-game!), pushing, and just generally poor sportsmanship. Some of their players were amazing – I can’t deny that – but their unsportsmanlike conduct really ruined some of the enjoyment for me. The Woodstock girls don’t play very aggressively – whether you consider that a flaw or a virtue – but there were significantly fewer calls for physical-contact matters against our girls than against their opponents.

Woodstock’s girls played well – some great three-point shots, and some good right-at-the-net plays. Even when they were frustrated that the referees weren’t calling on some of the clear fouls, they kept playing – and I think the physical contact being made so regularly and so egregiously (and so sneaky, as appropriate) was disheartening for them. At the same time, the girls kept up their efforts and didn’t ever give up – even when Modern got ahead, they kept pushing themselves.

This is our kid. Doesn't she look just like Adam & I?

When the time comes and all these girls have graduated from school, the Modern students are likely to be the ones who kick, stamp, and crush everyone beneath them, making few friends, and oing what they have to in order to win. The Woodstock kids… I think they’ll be the ones who stop, talk about what can be done to fix things, and then proceed to help others up after they’ve been trampled. The Woodstock alums will be the ones who do the right thing, no matter what the cost to themselves — and the others are the ones who have to win, whether or not they do it ethically, responsibly, or appropriately.

I’m not a Woodstock teacher, I’m not a Woodstock alum, student, parent, or anything – but the girls today did well, and I’m proud of them, because they showed that Woodstock students do the right thing – not the expedient one.

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