Hell Week (Woodstock Version)

The past week at Woodstock has been… eventful, and this coming week promises equal excitement, but hopefully of a more positive nature. A (now former) staff spouse posted something somewhat incendiary on a blog as the spouse and family were preparing for an early departure, and it consumed the school in gossip and – unfortunately – incited some students to internet trolling. It’s caused a large number of hurt feelings for various members of the community, including the students. I have to look at this as positively as I can – a learning experience for everyone involved on the things one should and should not do – and hope this is avoided in the future. It’s also continued to inspire me towards doing intercultural here at Woodstock, one way or another.

Additionally, a friend’s parents visited, and Adam and I went over – we had the chance for Japanese food, ranging from green tea “jello” with red bean paste sauce, to panko-breaded chicken, veg soup with sake, roll-your-own-sushi (with cucumber, tofu and pressed crab), and bee larvae.

Yes, bee larvae. We tried some of that, too. The conclusion: soya-flavoured oatmeal.

The next night, we went to another friends’ house for a dinner party, and there’s a story That Shall Not Ever Be Repeated – which, of course, means it was a fun night. We got to try some rhododendron wine, which smelled much more alcoholic than it tasted – it tasted like a very fruity wine-juice (which Adam liked…!), smelled much more like wine, and clearly we have to find some and bring it back. This stuff had come from Himachal Pradesh (a state northwest of us), and I’m going to have to keep eyes and ears out for anyone going that way in the future.

This week is full of late nights. Last night (Tuesday) was the first of the internal exams – we got home shortly after 9pm. Tonight is extended study hall with Adam’s grade 7s, and then Thursday… panic, for the talent show!… Plus another late night internal exam. so we will be home late those nights. Additionally, I have dance rehearsals during the day (had one Monday, have another today after lunch), plus one was  4-7 on Monday, and then 5-7 on Tuesday. Wednesday (today) is the A/V or technical rehearsal for the talent show, and Thursday and Friday are the performances. The likelihood we’ll be home any night before 9 is pretty slim – we cooked dinner at home Monday, and won’t again until Saturday. The rest: school food, because there’s simply no way to manage cooking at that hour, and getting up the next morning having had reasonable sleep.

Possibly on Saturday we’ll be going up to Landour Language School to do some photography for their anniversary event; we won’t see ‘normal’ again until next Sunday… if even then!

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