Dance, Music, and Departures

Things have been somewhat quiet on our end – not this past week but the week before was the Staff Talent Show, in which I had a chance to perform. I was involved in two dances: a Holi dance in Kathak style, and part of the end-of-show Bollywood medley. We did well enough – of course I know every single mistake I made, but a week(!) of compliments has at least said that very few other people picked them up.

Additionally, we’ve had some good news and some bad news. Some friends we’ve become rather close to will be departing after only a year – this time, due to an impending childbirth (and a fear of complications). While we can’t blame our friends for wanting to leave, this is the second time in as many years that people we’ve really enjoyed spending time with are departing early. It’s made me a little gun-shy on the effort to develop strong friendships again, if everyone keeps leaving after only a year. We’re happy for them – but sorry to see them leave.

Yesterday down in Dehradun, I managed to acquire heat exhaustion (dehydrated myself) and Adam managed to acquire a pair of drums (tabla); we’ve been discussing their purchase for awhile, and they’ll likely be our last big buy for quite some time. He’s already been playing around with them and watching YouTube videos – we’re hoping he’ll be able to get some classes with the Indian music teacher here on campus, too.

Still – home leave in just shy of a month! We fly first to Connecticut and see family and friends there, and will celebrate our two-year-paperwork anniversary (and my mother & stepfather’s umpteenth wedding anniversary) on the 24th of June. A few days later we fly out to Kansas to see my grandparents, and then up to Toronto for a couple of weeks until making our way back to India. We’ve learned that one of my new-ish friends (a dorm parent who shares my birthday) may be coming to Canada for her first visit, so we might try to drag her from Mississauga up to Toronto for a day or two and show her some of the sights.

As far as the next school year, it looks as if Adam will be teaching Grade 7 mathematics again, as well as Grade 10 and 12 English. We’re going to see about getting some PD (Professional Development) approved for him; all the new English teachers are getting AP training in the US before they leave, and he still hasn’t had any – so we’re hoping they’ll approve the online course, plus a workshop for poetry (also online), and see about more of the JUMP Math online PD.

As for myself… I’m already being roped into more dance things – evidently a latent skill I’d left alone after ballet years and years ago. Sounds like there’s something being planned for Independence Day, and I’m going to be in on it..!

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