Home Leave

3 weeks from now… we will be on a train to Delhi, where we have half a day to kill (probably with a friend – the student Adam and I have somewhat adopted as a daughter) until we head to IGI Airport and the Air France flight that will start to take us back to the US & Canada. We’ll be going first to Connecticut to see friends and family there, and then hopefully to Rhode Island and Massachusetts (Providence & Boston respectively) to see friends – we’re hoping some folks will send some gas cards over to us so we can drive around. From there we’ll go to Kansas and see my grandparents for a couple of days (they’ve bought us tickets), and then we fly up to Toronto and see the other half of the family and friends. Our trip is almost exactly one month long, meaning there’s a lot to cram into it!

I will admit I’ve read a book on re-entry/repatriation, because even though this is just a month of home leave, it’s still going to carry some of the same shocks and problems. I’m looking forward to some of them (the variety of foodstuffs) and not to others (the culture shock I’ll have over clothing). The rupee has also been plummeting; it’s now 55 rupees to USD$1, or 54 rupees to CAD$1. Adam’s raise doesn’t kick in until after we return (it’ll be the end of July paycheque), so we’ll be on a tight budget… and that cost issue is going to be one of the huge things to adjust to. We’ll be on Indian salary in America & Canada – and it won’t be fun for us.

From Canada we fly back, overnight in Delhi, and then take the train up on the 22nd to be here in time for the staff retreat (aka a week of PD and meetings) on the 23rd. 24th will be my birthday and our wedding anniversary, and then it’s back to the grind of school frightfully quickly.

In the mean time, we’ve been eating our way through everything we have in the house to leave the cabinets and cupboards as empty as we can before monsoon rears its head. According to the Indian Meteorological Department’s monsoon page, we’ll likely be out of India before monsoon arrives (it’ll be in Mussoorie between 15 June -1 July according to the prediction), and then withdraw sometime between 15 September & 1 October. This is why monsoon is not just weather, but a season: it really is four months! In southern India, it can be 5-6 months (arrival end of May, depart end of November or mid December). We get a one-month reprieve from it this year, which we are thankful for.

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