T-minus 10…

10 days. Eek!

Almost ready to set foot back in the US & Canada after about 18 months. We have half a day to kill in Delhi between our arrival at the train station and the departure from Indira Gandhi International. We may not get to run around with our “kid” – she broke her foot the day of graduation and had to stay at the Health Centre almost all week. I doubt she’ll want to run around Delhi in 46+C weather, so Adam and I will be kicking around ourselves once we find somewhere to drop the two bags. Then it’s off to IGA, then CDG, then JFK. I’m not sure what I want for lunch first – to ask Mom to grab some bagels from the bagel place in town, or to stop at a McDonald’s and try to grab a burger made of real cow.

We have half a suitcase packed, with gifts, two sarees, the PS3 that’s coming back, and the broken electric blanket (in the hopes my mom can get it fixed). It will get some winter things thrown in, and then a second bag split with more clothes, gifts, and winter things. My carryon looks like it will be surprisingly light: Kindle & charger, my MacBook & charger (it has better battery life), iPod, and a knitting project… I haven’t picked what it will be, but probably a shawl. They are light, complicated enough to keep me going through all the travelling rather than get bored, and I can pin it out somewhere! We’ll also be putting together a medkit and each one of us tossing a change of clothes into the carry on bags… just in case one, or both, of the bags are lost.

We’ll be so skewed with time zones (due to the stop at CDG) that I’m also packing some breakfast food for us to eat on the plane, since we’ll hit breakfast in France and it will be breakfast time in the US when we arrive. I’ve heard dreadful things about the food — or lack thereof — in the Paris airport, and we don’t have enough time to duck out to make other arrangements. Anyone who has been to CDG recently, suggestions? I’ll take whatever I can get!

Here are also a couple photos from the baccalaureate and graduation.

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