Home again, home again…

Our holiday to the US and Canada is hard to put in a nutshell – harder still to try to make into a sensible chronology. It was truly a holiday of “It’s Friday, we must be Kansas” situations – we bounced between Connecticut, Kansas, and two locations in Ontario; between the innate travel and trying to see friends, it was a vacation with a lot of scheduling. We got to see family, friends, play with dogs, see loons, find seashell fossils in the middle of a Midwestern prairie…

Returning to India was a frustrating experience: some issues with paying for our extra baggage, and then a 4 hour delay in Paris (three technical difficulties yielding plane changes… and Charles de Gaulle certainly needs more eating options than what exist!). Air France was great, though; they provided vouchers for a free beverage, and a free sandwich and beverage, after the first delay – ensuring we’d at least get to eat. When we arrived in Delhi, it was about 2:30am (instead of the 11:45-ish pm arrival we’d expected). By the time we deplaned, slogged through most of one terminal, cleared customs and got our bags, we were walking out the door to get a prepaid taxi at 3:30am.

We made it to the Delhi YWCA around 4:15am, checked in, took showers, and laid down at around 4:45 for the 75 minute nap we could manage – and then onto the train to Dehradun, leaving the YWCA at 6am. We arrived back at South Hill at about 2:30pm – to find no phone and no internet. Evidently Woodstock’s been out of internet for a week or so, and no one is in ICT: someone has advised me that someone said “We’ll try to fix it this week”, which frustrates me — Adam’s *still* got his professional development stuff to finish. An online course, at that.

Still – we’re home, now. The house didn’t flood, and we don’t have any huge spider nests. Mold on the countertops, the toilet seats, the pillows and blankets, and any paper in the house is innately moist – not soggy, but damp. It looks like Mussoorie has had rain, but nothing compared to last year’s monsoon. As I write this (to post once the internet returns!), we’re surrounded by clouds, and some of it promises to turn into rain.

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