What a wake-up.

Happy anniversary to us! Happy birthday to me!

We had anticipated a nice lazy wake-up… except we’re still a little thrown from the time zones, and I got up around 4am, Adam around 4:30. No big plans for the day, except for sending Adam to the required professional development at the school, and then perhaps the hospital to get his thumb looked at (what appeared as just a small swelling before he left Canada has now turned into requiring antibiotics. Joy.)…



Of course, it is monsoon – and nothing can ever be easy for us. We both heard a large rockslide, followed maybe half an hour later by a second one. I thought nothing of it – it is monsoon, after all, and rock slides do happen. Adam came out to make me birthday Tim Horton’s; from the kitchen, he called to me “Look out the window.”

I walked into the kitchen, and looked out the window.

To see around 4 metres of the retaining wall in front of our house completely gone. Clearly the falling wall was the source of the rock slides. I’ve shot off a quick email to a handful of people advising them of this, and asking what next steps to take – and what plan are to address this!

2 Comments on “What a wake-up.

  1. Oh my. Is your house still going to be okay structurally until the wall is repaired? (Obviously I don’t know how far from the foundation of your house the wall is. Actually, that’s assuming that the house is on a foundation. Scratch that. I am aware that there’s more than one way to build a house, really.)

    • We should be OK. A surveyor and an engineer came out today, and the principal told us that he’s been advised we don’t have to evacuate. 😉

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