We’re not dead yet…

What a few weeks it’s been… construction going on outside our house to ensure the rest of the pushta (wall) doesn’t go, starting my ESL tutoring again, doing prep work for the crazy that will be this term after I start language school up at Landour, locating a rat’s entry method – and then having to get maintenance in to block one way while we blocked another,  catching up on all of the work that needs doing due to monsoon (cleaning mould off of every surface), Adam getting his schedule changed on him a couple of times, and trying to hound the Canadian High Commission about information for his passport renewal. It took two emails and one unhelpful response before we’ve decided to just throw in the towel and go down to Delhi on Quarter Break in person to hash it out since whomever is handling their inbox is not actually reading the e-mails they are sent.

In the end, while it’s been busy, there have also been lovely lulls. This past weekend I didn’t set foot outside the house – we saved our bazaar shopping for last weekend in Dehradun. We purchased a scale, another 5l of olive oil (cheaper by far than buying 1l locally – and it lasts us over 6 months!), some groceries proper, and a new bird book that is exclusively the birds of the Doon Valley, along with suggested birding trips. It will be fun to see where we can make plans to go, and what we can find. It complements our big Peterson Field Guide quite well, too – and has some birds that I just haven’t found in the Peterson one (not sure why – like our “yellow-footed green pigeon” doesn’t seem to be in Peterson, but is in the new one!).

Busy picked up again on the 12th, with chapel for Adam. Then the week has a handful of things for Independence Day, including a Kathak performance by Shovana Narayan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shovana_Narayan on the 13th, a puppet show by Dadi Pudumjee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dadi_Pudumjee  on the 14th, and the flag raising on the 15th. Both performers have been awarded a civilian award, the Padma Shri, which means they are certainly distinguished! The 17th is Advisor Night, where we’ll host a dozen Grade 11 students for pizza, pasta, and a movie double feature.


4 Comments on “We’re not dead yet…

  1. Hi,
    If the bird book you are referring to is Birding-in-the-Doon-Valley by Winterline then we have it too. A great read but my husband and I are waiting for the monsoon to end so we can go birdwatching again. We are eager to go to many of the places the book describes but Rajaji Natl. Park isn’t even open until November (very sad). Regardless it is a great read and good fun to own. Enjoy birdwatching up there in Mussoorie!
    Yours, Kamla

  2. Where is this book available? Is it available online, or in Mussoorie? Will be travelling to Mussoorie in November and would like to purchase a copy. Thanks

    • Hi Jean,
      I don’t think it’s available online yet. In Mussoorie, you can buy it at the Cambridge Bookshop (near the Nirula’s & Kalsang’s), and also at Prakash’s grocery store in Sister’s Bazaar.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply with the information where to purchase the book. Jean

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