Newest member of the family…

After several months of grumbling, waiting, and shopping around — I am now the proud owner of an USHA Janome “Dream Stitch” sewing machine! Through some very generous  gifts (I’m looking at you, people in Alberta!) I was able to make the purchase I’ve been waffling over for some time. We picked it up in Dehradun at Modern Electric in Palton Bazaar, got the warranty stamped and signed. Mine isn’t quite the purple in the picture (it’s more of a bright spearmint green kind of hue) but I look forward to grabbing needles, bobbins and spools of thread and starting in on some little sewing projects I’ve had piling up!

Some of the first things on my list are simple repairs to salwar pants that have hit the washing machine one too many times; another thing I would like to do is make up a “Happy Birthday” banner that we can use when one of our advisees has a birthday, or that Adam can bring into class when it’s someone’s birthday. I don’t have any heat-bond paper (that’s something to pick up on home leave) but will instead trace letters onto scrap material and then stitch them directly onto the material.

Another project I want to do is to sew (and/or knit) some coffee cup cozies for my teachers up at the Language School as Diwali gifts. At 2:20 we have a tea break, and they use straight-up metal cups; those get quite warm to the touch, and the cozies would be a really nice “protector” for the cups. I only have 3 teachers right now, but would probably make them for more of the staff there that I know (like the Principal, and one of the Urdu teachers). I’m eyeballing these or some of the ones from here (the first “Quilted”, “Two Button” or “Love Note”, to write names in and use that little plastic pocket).

I’m really, really looking forward to doing some of these projects, and eventually breaking out the sewing patterns & knit fabric (you can’t buy knit material here!) and stitching up the shirts & dresses I’ve been filing away on my Pinterest board.

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