7 Things We Want Right Now

  1. A very large bottle of Clorox bleach, with which to kill all the mould in our apartment 9,000 times over. We’ve had less rain this monsoon, but more fog/mist; this has somehow ensured that we actually have *more* mould than we did last year. 
  2. Gorilla Glue. We left it behind in Canada to bring at Christmas, and – just our luck – we have stuff breaking that the Gorilla Glue would save for us. Sunday night, the handle for our stovetop tandoor broke; I’ve got a pair of shoes that are coming up in parts and the glue could rescue.
  3. A dehumidifier. We’re on a list to get one when the school orders them (at least, I hope we still are)… I don’t think we can do another monsoon season without a dehumidifier.
  4. Our wall to be fixed so we can have parties outside. Diwali is coming in November, and this construction started back in April… and I really, really wanted to throw a Diwali party on our new long break. However, the giant mounds of rocks, unfinished drainage ditches, and the broken wall on one side means there are no parties – and preferably, no one coming to our house at all, since the exterior is an absolute wreck.
  5. Our front door to close fully, because it doesn’t close tightly enough to engage the security system (monsoon swelling), and then the door to the exterior has swollen enough the lock almost requires bodychecking the door to get it to disengage so you can open said door.
  6. All of the various campus ailments to go away. It seems like every time we turn around there’s some other cough, cold, infection or such creeping up on us. I recognise monsoon is a terrible season for health, combined with the residential school environment – but seriously! We’ve had enough (and I’m sure our health centre has, too!).
  7. A scooter or motorcycle. Since it looks like we’ll be here at least another 4 years (with Adam doing the master’s program), we have decided it finally makes the best economic sense – it will pay for itself quickly (it’s Rs1000 for me every week up to the language school; a taxi down to Dehradun is about Rs1400 round-trip; a taxi from Picture Palace to our house is around Rs250-300), and give us some more freedom. We’re looking into the procedure of getting driver’s licenses and costs on scooters and motorcycles (and what makes the most sense). If we got a Vespa – the most expensive scooter I can find a cost for – it would pay for itself within 1 year. The next most expensive one would pay for itself in just over 9 months. Fun fact? The Vespa would be around $1,250 (USD).

3 Comments on “7 Things We Want Right Now

  1. I’m so looking forward to following your adventures. I’m currently living in China and hoping to travel to India in January and February, so I’ll be soaking up every word you write. Glad I found you!

    • Let me know what your itinerary is, and if you’re up in our direction of the country (usually happens when folks want to stop at Rishikesh), we can perhaps catch up for chai somewhere!

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