Line of the day…

“That bindi makes you look taller.”

Yes, someone said that to me today. And then Adam confirmed it later, in all seriousness. So I have discovered height-enhancing bindis!

3 Comments on “Line of the day…

    • The sindoor is the red kumkum powder in the part of your hair (only used by Hindu women to show they are married); the bindi is the little dot (that can now be any colour, any size, and no longer has any real significance). It’s called a tilak when it’s done by a priest for a ceremony, too… I’ve had a tilak of the red powder and uncooked rice from a couple ceremonies I’ve attended. I keep itching the rice off, though!

  1. Hi Darcy ! Find your profile VERY interesting and totally LOVED your Indian look in the saree, jewelry, et all. When you next get a chance, please can you enhance this look by leaving your hair flowing and adding a Bindi ? You could give a bunch of traditional Indian beauties a run for their money! BTW, read your comment on the bindi and wondered if you might like reading this:

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