Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight, Adam and I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a day early with a couple of friends at school; we brought over a roast chicken, some maple-glazed carrots, and then two things we’d promised to make for one of the friends: beavertails and flan. They made up some absolutely delicious bread, a tuna & pasta salad with veggies, and baked veggies (broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and a bit of bacon thrown in. That’s a veg, right?).

L-R bread, pasta salad, chicken, maple glazed carrots. Not pictured is the baked veg dish or the desserts (beaver tails & flan).

After, as we listened to some Canadian music (ranging from The Arrogant Worms to Bryan Adams, Alanis Morrisette, The Tragically Hip, Mike Ford, and others), our friend Sachi decided that we needed to have some fun activity to do. She decided that the men needed to apply makeup to the women – she and Jesse, it seems, had found videos on YouTube of men trying to figure out what cosmetics were used for what, and applying them to wives/girlfriends. So we ran with the idea, too.

What am I doing with this thing?Jesse went a little more for “fun” than “serious” – there was a lot of “what does this do? How do I use this? Maybe I’ll just use my finger…” ; Adam was a little more comprehending of what to do, but I ended up with kajal (kohl) around my eyes that made me look like something out of an Egyptian papyrus. Once Photoshop starts working again, I’ll upload one of them (if I have a decent one!) – the ones Adam took are all in .cr2 format, which WordPress doesn’t like.

Of course, we had to then turn the tables.


Eddie Izzard In Training

All in all–an entertaining and enjoyable night.

I’ve scrubbed off most of my paint at this point.


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